Sunday, November 18, 2012

On the way home

We arrived home in the early evening after the 1,000 mile trip from Idaho to Arizona.  Bill and the kids quickly unloaded the car and we got everything sorted out.  I didn't unload much because Conor was excited to show me what he had bought me while I was gone.  A Crock Pot!  I'm very happy with it because he was responsible for something happening to my old one, I've really missed using one, and the new one is nice.

But I digress.

The girls traveled really well because of two things:

*A new DVD player for the car (the old one didn't work on the way to Idaho, so it was replaced)
*Alicia taught them to finger crochet and Grandma gave them each a ball of yarn so they crocheted yards and yards and yards of yarn!

Along the way Bill promised the girls they would be able to either play in the snow or eat ice cream.  We finally found a place in the mountains with a little snow, so we pulled to the side of the road for the girls to play.
As you can see there were only a couple of inches of snow, but they made snow balls and had fun throwing them at each other.

I love this picture because you can see the beautiful desert scenery in the background.  We drove between mountain ranges all the way through Nevada--geologically very interesting.

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