Friday, November 30, 2012

Busy weekend!

Friday morning:


*2 dozen homemade cinnamon rolls, 1 for the PTA "teacher appreciation" luncheon, 1 for a visiting teaching brunch my friend and I put on for 5 of our friends

*long afternoon nap--MAJOR rare luxury--as dh was home after another successful completion of a state inspection of his workplace

*homemade pizza dinner--I'd say we have some form of pizza 48/52 Fridays a year, almost always homemade
*Christmas shopping with dh--I still have a few things I need to pick up, especially for the girls, in order to have all gifts bought, wrapped, and ready on December 1.  This is not a chore; this is fun, as anything dh and I do together is fun. :-)


*2 of dd's friends will come over to play in the morning.  It's the first time for these friends.

*baby shower for a couple I don't know well, but who have waited far longer than they wanted to wait for a baby.  I'm really excited for them!  Gifts are in the house, but not wrapped yet.

*baking for tonight's activity.  I need 36 nice individual Christmas desserts.  They don't need to be large, but I want to think up something really good.  I'm thinking of one of these, which all came from the Betty Crocker recipe site.  Only problem is the cookies both start with a packaged mix and I don't think that will give the flavor I'm looking for.  I'm leaning toward the chocolate peppermint wedges.

*Progressive dinner with the High Priests at church.  That sounds kind of high-falutin' but it really isn't.  The High Priests are mostly the middle-to-older men at church and their dinners are usually fairly elegant affairs.  In addition to the HPs, there will be wives and older single men and women from our congregation.  We'll start at one house for appetizers, split up for dinner, then meet at a last house for dessert.  I haven't been to a progressive dinner in a long time and am looking forward to it.

There's more on Sunday (singing in church, work), but after the busy Friday and Saturday, Sunday really will be a day of rest.

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