Thursday, November 8, 2012

Activity Day for Girls

Today my partner brought a cute and easy craft for the girls to do.

She read a scripture from the Bible and a scripture from the Book of Mormon about thankfulness.  Next she wrote on a poster categories of things we can be grateful for.

Then she passed out the wood blocks, the 1/2 tongue depressers, and the precut scrapbook paper, along with glue sticks and bottle of white glue

Once the girls had put paper on their sticks they could write on the back of each one things she was thankful for.

The heads were flat wooden ice cream spoons with a cute bow tied on each neck.

Last, because of the danger, SHE hot-glued the "feathers" on the turkeys.  Each girl lined up her feathers in the order she preferred and that was the order they were glued on.

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