Saturday, November 10, 2012

My second appointment of the day

 . . . was at 8:00 am!  What do you think this staid and not-too-dusty room is?
It is our Family History Center!  Atually, it's about half of it.  The other half has some microfilm/fiche readers in it, soon to be remodeled with more computers and fewer readers.  In addition, we are going through the card catalog to see which of our collection are available to read online for free.  I think those books will be donated or sold.

So the 8:00 appointment was a bi-monthly meeting of all the volunteers.  I think they need to provide cinnamon rolls and milk for the next meeting.  Perhaps I'll volunteer to provide it all.  Or can you eat in a library?

I still don't love my obligation to volunteer at the FHC, but I'm looking at it as an opportunity to help others while I learn to be a real genealogist.  Win-win, right?


  1. I don't really know how you came to be obligated to volunteer, but it reminds me of a 'joke' I have with the Scouts....

    When I need someone to help with something and ask "James" to help me.....someone ALWAYS says:

    James - you've been volenTOLD!

  2. OK, no idea what's going on tonight, but this is

  3. I dodged the library volunteering for almost three years and then I was volenTOLD!!

    [Hi Tina!]