Saturday, July 31, 2010

My sewing cabinet

This cabinet was custom-made for me years ago and it holds all my sewing supplies and some craft supplies. The bottom drawers hold fabric, although I need another place to put it since I want to organize it better and add to my stash. Inside the double doors are drawers and shelves to hold patterns, notions, and craft supplies.

Two of my favorite features are a small ironing board that glides out of the table to the left of the sewing machine, and a clipboard clip on the door that I use to hold me sewing instructions up where I can see them when I sew.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tiny notes

Travel with my three girls: surprisingly good. They are typically heck on wheels but have always traveled well. I borrowed some books on CD from the library before We left and they (and I) are enjoying them. They entertain themselves very well too.

Humidity: Awful!!! Claustrophobic!!!

The effects of humidity on the countryside: Fantastically beautiful--green fields, billowing deciduous trees everywhere, grass in front yards and everywhere else without thought.

Nauvoo, Illinois: A neat old town with deep meaning and history for LDS Church members and pretty interesting for non-LDS Church members as well. Great interactive displays of pioneer life in the 1840s, historical homes, rides, and shows, We loved The Nauvoo Pageant.

Seeing old friends: It was wonderful to see Ann and family and to see Wayne and family. I've been blessed beyond measure by wonderful friends over the years.

Dh: Delightful to have dh fly in to St. Louis to keep us company and to take on the driving and most of the pop up trailer set up. REALLY nice for me.

Oceans of Fun in Kansas City: Tidy, well-maintained, and, well, oceans of fun.

Sunburn: Ouch. I wish the sunscreen had worked as expected, but happy 90 percent of the burns were on the adults, not the girls.

Tune in the the update of the next few days.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

And this is a counterpoint to the post below

Darn kids. They keep eating. Before I started my workday (which begins at 4:50 am!) I whipped up a batch of bread dough. I had the tail end of two bags of cold cereal, Kix and Cheerios, and since I usually add SOMEthing besides just flour, I dumped in the cereal. Great idea, bad execution. I should have added the cereal with the wet ingredients because the cereal would have turned into mush and disappeared into the dough. Nope, I put it in last. So what I produced was bread dough studded with cereal. LOL
This doesn't look anything like what I posted below, does it?