Thursday, November 29, 2012

A school field trip up the canyon

This canyon goes up the beautiful mountains that surround our city, but it's not just any old canyon, it is the ancient living place of Hohokam indians, natives of this area.  So this was a dual field trip.

The first part was a table learning activity.  Among other things, the children drilled holes in shells so they could be threaded into a necklace.  The children used a hand-powered drill called a pump drill because you pump it up and down with your hands.  The only thing different from what the Hohokam would have used is that this one had a nail imbedded in it as a drilling point.  I have two pictures that show how it was used.  Excuse Sophia's expression, she was focused and squinting from the sun.

The second part of the morning was spent learning about nature in the canyon.  We saw a road runner snap up a lizard for lunch, saw hawks' nests, a hummingbird nest, sand that was full of iron particles that could be pulled out with magnets, and a drying river (it's been very warm and dry here).  There was about a 15 food drop-off to the bit of remaining water, so the docents showed the children exactly how they could lie on the edge to look at the water below.  Do you think the children enjoyed doing this??

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