Monday, November 19, 2012

Getting organized for Christmas

A few years ago I was following The FLY Lady and she proposed a brilliant idea: Cruising through the holidays.  You pretend you'll be going on a cruise, leaving December 1 and returning right before Christmas.  Of course you'll need to have everything ready for Christmas before you leave, since you won't have time when you return. 

Naturally, I don't get to go on a cruise (LOL--don't I wish?!), but my plan is to be ready for Christmas by December 1 this year.  The past two years I have NOT been ready until about December 23 and I didn't enjoy that at all.  I'm determined to have a better Christmas this year.

The most pressing thing is gifts.  My budget this year is small, so that will help simplify things nicely.
Here is a link to the list above you can download for free:

Here is a link to other gift lists on the same page:

For a number of years I've had a wrapping station and followed FLY Lady's rule that as soon as a gift comes in the house, I have to wrap it.  However, my wrapping station is not in a convenient location, so this year I'm moving it.

That's my start.  Next will come Christmas cards so they can go into the mail on December 1.

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