Thursday, April 21, 2011

Kevin's Excellent Adventure

Lucky Kevin--it has lasted from August 2010 until now. Yes, it's his Freshman year at BYU and that's why it's been such a good adventure. He has enjoyed his classes. He has enjoyed living in the dorm. He has enjoyed the friends he's met. He has enjoyed the . . . folk dance club? I'm pretty sure he has enjoyed living AWAY from home. He told me it has been a great year.

If you are an LDS reader, you will know from this picture what is next. Last week Kevin sent in his application to serve a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Right now it seems like from the time the mission call is received in the mail until the day the missionary reports, about 4-5 months is elapsing. If that is true for Kevin, that means he'll leave in about August or September. He says if he could choose his own mission, he'd like to go to an English-speaking mission outside the United States.

He's making good decisions. He has changed his major and likes his new one. He's going to get a job this summer and see how much mission money he can earn before he leaves. He has nice friends. He's put himself in a good position.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Chicken update

Saturday one of my friends told me I was posting plenty of pictures of eggs, so how about some pictures of chickens to go along with them? I'm happy to oblige, Martha!

Each daughter here is holding her own chicken. There is one more (mine) and she is the same breed as the last one, which is a Plymouth Barred Rock. The first one has that fun beard on her and she lays beautiful bluish-green eggs. She's an Ameraucana cross of some sort and is in general called an "Easter Egger." The second is a Rhode Island Red and lays shiny medium-brown eggs. S's Barred Rock lays large brownish-pink eggs and mine lays large medium brown eggs. The sizes of all the eggs vary from day to day. Right now I'm saving the green and pink eggs aside for Easter.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Meal Plan Sunday

Monday: Hawaiian Quesadillas

Tuesday: Tortellini Soup

Wednesday: Spaghetti Frittata


Friday: Pizza

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Meal Plan Sunday

Monday: Sausage and Lentil stew

Tuesday: Thai Peanut Chicken and Noodles Edited to add: this is really good!!

Wednesday: Bacon and Egg Quesadillas

Thursday: Soup from the freezer that we didn't get to last week

Friday: French bread pizza

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My surprisingly interesting day

I'm a little embarassed about having written this earlier post. Once I got over the inconvenience of being called to jury duty and rearranged things so I could go, I actually started to look forward to it a little.

I got up at 4:20 am because I had to hop in the shower, wash my hair, dry it, dress, and be ready for work at 4:50. Usually I work in my pajamas and robe due to the early hour and the fact that I work from home, and shower afterward. But yesterday I had a date downtown and had to leave immediately after my early morning job.

While I was driving there I realized how very seldom I'm out driving around at the start of the business day. I mean not more than three or four times a year. There was a freshness to the traffic, optimism about the day.

Since I had punched the address of the parking garage into my GPS, I had no trouble finding the place. I asked the attendant where the courthouse was and it was just a couple of blocks away.


The whole program was arranged to make it as convenient as possible for the jurors. I'm sure they know people generally aren't happy about being called for jury duty, so they worked hard to make it nice. The very large waiting area had lots of chairs, things to read, a bank of computers for us to use, phones, free wi-fi access, jigsaw puzzles to work, comfortable lounging chairs, and a place to eat. The woman who gave the information and announcements was very pleasant, and all the directions were clear and easy to understand.

I was in the first group called. There were about thirty-five of us who went into a courtroom and seventeen were called up to sit in the jurors' area. Not me. However, by the time a few had been excused, they called my name and I went up. The judge introduced all the officals in the room, then the two lawyers each gave a synopsis of the case. It was a personal injury case and was interesting to hear how different the story was, depending on which side told it. After that the judge and lawyers asked group questions and personal questions of the jurors. Based on how those conversations went, I did not expect to be on the jury.

After excusing the whole group, the lawyers chose the jury and as expected, I was not selected for the jury of nine people. I went back to the large waiting room, handed in my juror's badge and was excused to go home. I was there four hours.

Lunch was at Chick-Fil-A with dh. I love going anywhere with dh and I love eating Chick-Fil-A food. Good combination, huh?

Overall, it was a pleasant, interesting morning. It took me more than thirty-one years to be called to jury duty, so if the pattern holds, I'll be over eighty years old the next time and can ask to be excused on the basis of age. If so, this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and I'm glad I had it.