Thursday, October 4, 2012

School's out--a trip to the zoo

The girls are on Fall Break this week, so we went to the zoo and had a picnic today.
Although it is autumn here, it's almost 90 degrees today and that's cooled off from earlier this week. 

While we were watching the new baby zebra . . .
. . . we watched a robber squirrel.
It was in the tortoise area and it was stuffing greens into its mouth as fast as it could.  And it turned out to be a good idea!
The robber squirrel hid behind a branch and didn't come out again until the tortoise moved on.  It seemed to know it was a thief!
One of our favorite sections of the zoo is the elephant area.  We like it because there is a lovely habitat for the elephants as well as an education area the girls really like.  I watch the elephants, they play in the education area.
Our zoo had three baby boy births the last week of August.  The zebra was one, and this cute flamingo was another:
I never knew baby flamingos were gray.

I always like to take a few pictures of the girls so in a year or two or twenty I can marvel at their growth.  Here is Elizabeth on our favorite brass sculpture:
And Sophia . . .
. . . and all three girls.
At the egg:
And finally, my tiger girls:

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