Saturday, October 20, 2012

Chicken washing

Spot does not feel good.  She is weak and isn't eating well.  She needed a bath and Eizabeth decided to take care of the task.  I would have done it differently, but I appreciated that Elizabeth saw a need and took care of it.
Even after wrapping Spot up in a towel to dry her, she was really heavy with wet feathers.  No camera caught it but she enjoyed a nice blow-drying with a warm dryer.  Well, as much as a sick, wet chicken can enjoy anything.

This was actually last Saturday and she spent the next day in a plastic tub in the house and then on the back porch being coddled.  I wonder if being the lowest chicken in the pecking order is causing stress that has led to her being ill?  We did not think she would be alive a week later, but she is hanging in there.

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