Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Mystery solved!

Last month I received my credit card bill and it showed I had missed a payment.  That is NOT how I do things, but I arranged to get the overdue bill and the current charges paid as soon as possible, and wondered how I could have made that kind of mistake.

All that did not enter my mind yesterday when I received a statement from a credit card I closed a couple of years ago that showed no charges, yet a payment had been made, to the tune of . . .
. . . yes, $661!
I called the bank and the man was as confused as I was, but asked for a couple of minutes to research the situation.  He came back on and asked if there were any possibility I had used my electronic payment system and paid the wrong credit card.
About then the haze from my mind lifted and I remembered the "missed" payment.  Yep, they were the same.
Mystery solved and I'll be receiving a $661 check in the mail in a few days.

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