Monday, October 15, 2012

Mystery Quilt III

Of course I didn't *do* MQ I or MQ II, but I *am* doing Mystery Quilt III. :-) 

When I first heard about QuiltersWorld's mystery quilt about a year ago, I hadn't ever pieced a quilt and didn't want to learn on a quilt I didn't even know if I'd like!  Since then I've pieced two projects, including a bed-sized quilt, and feel confident enough to delve into a Mystery Quilt.

Week 1: instructions to find light, medium, and dark "warm" toned fabric scraps, along with cream or white background fabric, and the quantities were given.

Week 2:  start cutting specific colors into precise sizes, including triangles!  I've been wanting to do something with triangles, which is something new for me.

Week 3:  I don't know yet because it's only week 2.  I suspect I'll have 2 more weeks of cutting, then start sewing in Week 5.

I think the pattern might be some kind of leaf pattern.  I hope it is, but am open to whatever it works up to be.  I've been wanting to make an Autumn quilt for several years now, so thanks to the colors, no matter what the design turns out to be, it'll be an Autumn quilt.
The yellow looks awfully bright in this picture; in reality it's a soft mustard color.

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