Friday, October 5, 2012

Getting ready for dh's birthday

Tomorrow is Bill's big day and I'm preparing as much as I can ahead of time.

We have three things to prepare:
  • birthday cake
  • a hamburger bbq lunch
  • a banana split party
Here is the cake part of the German chocolate cake.  It's from scratch, of course.  I'll make the coconut-pecan filling tomorrow.

Next is one of our family's favorite picnic sides which is nothing more than Cool Whip, drained fruit cocktail, miniature marshmallows, and dry Jello mixed together.  It's best when it's made the day before and refrigerated.
The rest of the luncheon's supplies are in the fridge and freezer.

This looks like two jars of the same thing, but they're not.  The one in the Kerr jar is homemade hot fudge topping and the one in the Ball jar is butterscotch topping.  They're for the banana split party. 
In addition to the toppings I made, I bought premium vanilla ice cream, and also chunky strawberry ice cream and "Death By Chocolate" ice cream. Oh, and some pumpkin pie ice cream just because I couldn't resist. I don't know if anyone will want that kind of ice cream in their banana split. I got several big cans of aerosol whipped cream and will chop some walnuts to go on top.
 My fridge yielded some maraschino cherries and a couple of partial jars of ice cream topping, and my counter has 5 bananas in a bowl with "banana split" written on the skin in red Sharpie.  
The banana split party is my tradition after the priesthood session of LDS General Conference every April and October. I put it on for my family as well as anyone Bill brings home with him after the priesthood session.
And I made a nice cinnamon apple cake just because autumn has come!


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