Monday, October 29, 2012

Comiso Air Station, Sicily

This is a Google satellite picture with the arrow pointing to my old townhouse apartment.  It was one of the nicer homes I've lived in, and certainly the best military housing I ever had.

That runway in the picture was not active at the time I lived there and we crossed it to get from the main part of the tiny base to the housing area.

This is a video with awesome still photos that were taken about 17 years after the base closed (so the pictures are recent).  I left shortly before the final base closure.  It's interesting to see what happens when "nature" is allowed to take over.  I didn't see my own street housing, but my apartment was very similar to the ones in the video.  I did have to take a close look at a picture of an overgrown bougainvillea, because it was in the same relative location as one at the front of my apartment.

I was delighted and thrilled to get the assignment to Sicily.  I had never lived overseas and who wouldn't want to move to a Mediterranean island?  The base was closing at the time I arrived, and Iraq had just invaded Kuwait.  There was a lot of tension and a lot of the military members on the base were gone to Desert Storm.  But . . . it was still a Mediterranean island with thousands of years of history right out the back fence.

It was one of my favorite places I've ever lived.


  1. Best assigment I've ever had in 26 years. I started off my career at Comiso in 1986 and haven't had assignment even close to that one. Bring back GLCM...

  2. As for me, it was the final assignment of my four year stint. What a place for a 22 year old soldier to spend a year. Keeping a military bearing during the 9 to 5, and totally enraptured with the Italian culture, romance, wine, and beauty of the Mediteranean coastline. Ragusa in the summertime, all those young European gals who can only afford half a bathing suit. ;-D

    25 years later, it remains an awesome memory and slice of life. Thanks for letting me reminisce, Katie.

  3. I was 15 years old when I lived here with my family. It was my dads favorite assignment. He still talks about it.

  4. My husband and I were there when base housing just opened. He was in Security and I was one of the 1st spouses to come over. I worked at the pool as a lifeguard, at the small Veterinary Clinic on base and at the Commissary when it opened. The 2 years we spent there were some of the most memorable times. We talk often of the experience and friends we made both on and off base.

  5. It was early 84 when I got there. We were so thrilled when they built another barracks so we could move out of the porta-buildings. Watching movies projected on the wall in the rec-center. Taking a gander at the nuke protestors outside the gate. Great times, a great place to explore and of course, the best food on the planet.

  6. I was there before any housing was built 1986 -1987 just finished the dorms, it was a great experience and i still have stuff i bought there all those years ago hanging on my walls. I lived in a porta building for months before the Dorm was finished. I was the face of Mil Pay because I was the only person in Mil Pay, other than my SSgt. who did nothing.

  7. Wow, what a trip down memory lane. Thank you for taking the time to post this. I had forgotten how nice the surrounding mountains are.

  8. I was stationed there 85-86. Loved it!! met some great people, got into a little trouble but would do it all again if I could. always wondered what happened to the people that were there when I was..

  9. My family and I were there at the same time you were Katie, 89-91. I worked in the clinic, medical records, and we loved every day there. It's so sad to see the base just sit there and be overrun by nature. All the time and money spent to build it and the when it was turned over to the Italians, they just left it. The Tara cotta roof tiles on the housing, the oversized tubs, tile floors, the bowling alley (wow, the times we spent there), the theatre and the school. Just seems like such a waste after all the beautiful memories.

    1. Robert, my former husband also worked in the clinic from August 1990 to about August. He was an MD named Lewis.