Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Guess which bobcat we saw in our neighborhood today?

If you guessed the second one, you're right. 

I walked the girls to school since it was "Walk or Ride Your Bike To School Day," and near the school the girls saw a "cat."  They had already decided it was some kind of wild cat before I got there to see it.  I thought it was an ocelot.

On my walk home several people were watching something on another street and it was the same cat.  When I got home I looked up "ocelot" and found out it would be a really rare thing to see one here, although possible.  In addition, the ocelot's ears were rounded instead of pointed with a tuft of hair.  At that point Bill said, Oh, you probably saw a bobcat!

I looked up "bobcat" and found the picture above on wikipedia.  It's the variety of cat we saw.

Bill said it would love to eat our chickens and even the chicken wire cage would not stop it, but no problem because the bobcat was in the next neighborhood across a busy street.

Half an hour later I left in the car for an appointment and guess what I saw at the end of our street . . . ?


  1. Oh, they are beautiful but I agree with Bill that you're going to have to heavily reinforce your pen to keep the girls safe. Good luck!

  2. Yah. Chicken wire is only good for keeping chickens IN. All of my coops have welded wire. We live in the "country" and have lots of things wanting my girls. From raccoons to possums to bobcats to hawks, even snakes and my dogs! Knock wood, so far the welded wire has worked.