Saturday, October 27, 2012

A funny on myself

This morning was the Bountiful Baskets fruit and vegetable co-op pick up.  Instead of just picking up my basket, I always help with the distribution (produce comes in farmers' boxes and we break them up into the baskets for each  participant).  After everything was distributed into the 56 baskets, I went to sign the list to get my basket and . . . my name was not there!

My first thought was that what happened a couple of years ago had happened again: between the time I selected my basket and I pushed the "order" button, the last basket was sold.  I wasn't charged, but I didn't get a confirmation slip either, and I didn't realize it until I was getting ready to go that morning.

But . . .

I had printed my confirmation slip this time.  I had left it at home on accident, but I *had* printed it.

I went racing home and got online to figure out what had happened.  I printed off the slip again and took a close look at it.

I had mistakenly selected a site 7 miles away!  There is only a 20 minute pick up window, it was 3 minutes until pick up time started, and I didn't know the area of town I was supposed to go to.  I jumped in the car and followed the basic direction on my confirmation slip and eventually found myself at a really pretty desert park in the south part of town.

I wasn't too late and I even still had a choice of pumpkins.
I'll be more careful with my mouse click next time.  LOL

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