Saturday, September 22, 2012

Temple trip today!

Once or twice a year our ward sponsors a trip to the Mesa, Arizona LDS temple.  Of course anyone can visit the temple any time (although it or the visitors' center might not be open), but on this trip the ward provides babysitters for children as well as a lunch afterward. 

It's a favorite in my family because my girls love to be babysat.  Bill and I can worship in the temple together, then we can have a nice lunch afterward without having to pack a picnic or find a restaurant.

Except . . . .

Bill had to go to Gallup today to take care of some business.  When I found out about that I invited my mom to go with the girls and me instead.  My mom hasn't wanted to make the trip to Mesa because it is several hours away by car, but she has had something important to do in the temple. 

Did you know that an important part of LDS doctrine is that families can be together forever and not just "until death do you part"?  Husband and wife can be sealed together in an LDS temple and when children are born to them, they are also sealed to their parents.  If children come into a family through adoption or before the parents are sealed, there is a special ceremony in the temple to seal a child to his or her parents.

So what if some of the family members have died?  Doesn't seem fair they don't get this blessing of being sealed, does it?

That's where proxy temple ordinances come in.  A living person can "stand in" for a person who has already died and the same ordinances (like sacraments) can be performed.

My mother's parents and sisters have all passed away and they have had these special ordinances performed for them.  I hope they have accepted these ordinances, as it is always up to the deceased to decide if he or she wants to accept in heaven what has been done here on earth for them.

Today my mother was sealed to her parents.  Now her family (father, mother, sister, and sister) are all sealed as a family.  I feel really happy and my mother does too.

Here are a couple of pictures of Caroline today:

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