Friday, September 14, 2012

Dear niece's job-while-she-waits

My niece is going to be working in a family business soon, but in the meantime, the bills are still coming in and she still needs cash in her purse.  Being the go-getter that she is, she found out about . . .
. . . phone books!  It's time for new ones here in the city and she is going to deliver her share of the 500,000 or 600,000 that will go out in the next few weeks.  It is paid on a piece rate and she has about 1,200 to deliver in the next three days.  If she likes it, she'll deliver more.

Being that Hubs and the girls are gone camping tonight, I told her I'd go along with her as her unpaid worker.  It was lots of work, but we saw some interesting things in the neighborhood and had a good time.

Oh, that stack in the picture is about a quarter of her phone books.

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