Thursday, September 27, 2012

Birthday lunch with my friends

September is birthday month for me!  Two of my friends and I have the pleasure of going out for lunch to celebrate.  I think this is our third year.  Or maybe our second.  I don't know, but I do know I look forward to it.
We went to Paradise Bakery which is a delicious regional soup/salad/sandwich place.  My lunch was cheddar-broccoli soup and a mediterranean veggie sandwich.  Oh, they also throw in a roll, butter, and a chocolate chunk cookie with their "You Pick 2" lunch.
Lisa had a meat sandwich and a tomato-basil soup that she said was delicious.
Amber had the same soup I had (and said it was very good) and a panini.
We chatted and chatted (mostly me--I was excited to tell about the interesting things going on in my life--thanks, gals, I owe you!) and the time flew by way too fast.  Their birthdays are in the spring and we'll be doing it again . . . .

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