Monday, September 10, 2012

I love farm stands!

On our drive through the country on Saturday we drove through some small towns and saw some farmer's fruit stands.  Well, they were mostly fresh corn, pecans, and pistachios.

We decided to turn in at a farm with a driveway so long we couldn't see the house.  When we got to the house we saw a sign that said:


However, we parked right next to this little trailer and didn't need to honk.  If you click on it you can see we were instructed to take what we wanted and leave the money under the wooden nut bowl. 
It's hard to describe how much I like this kind of sale.  On the left there were 4 bags of pecans that were still in the shell, but heavily cracked so they were easy to remove from the shell.  On the right was 1 bag of whole pecans in the shell for a lower price.  We bought a 2 pound bag and a 3 pound bag of the cracked nuts and left $22 under the bowl.  We never did see the farmers, although a big dog wandered through the driveway area and showed about a 3% interest in us.

A mile or two farther down the road Bill stopped at another stand that was right on the road because he wanted to pick up one more thing.  He came right back out and said no way was he going to pay those boutique prices!  The pecans we bought for about $4.40/lb were $9/lb there.  So glad we bought directly from the farmer!

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