Friday, September 21, 2012

I had most of the day off and turned it into Errand Day!

I started out a little too early--8:45 am and neither the bank nor the hair cutting place were open, so I went to the post office.
Mom needed stamps and I needed stamps for international mail.  Gotta keep those letters to Brazil going.  In addition, my friend's son is serving a mission in Panama and I'll send him an occasional letter.  And a Christmas card will probably make its way to Australia as well. :-)
 Albertson's is close to the post office, so I stopped there and picked up a couple of things that were on a super sale this week.
I almost didn't go to the beauty salon because the sign in the window said it was still closed.  I decided to walk a little closer to see what time they DID open and realized there were people inside waiting.  I pulled the chain to change their sign from CLOSED to OPEN.
Next was a quick stop at Fry's.  No, not to buy electronics.  This kind of Fry's is a Kroger store with a pharmacy.  I picked up some prescriptions for a family member and a couple of items on sale there this week.  TV dinners and milk.  Exciting.
 I came home and the girls were home due to early-out today.  We all had lunch, then I took Sophia to pick up her new glasses.  They took only four days to come back!
On our way home we stopped at Fry's again to take advantage of the gas price discount for shopping at Fry's a lot.
Who would believe this is a reduced price?  It's a full 54 cents a gallon more than I paid six weeks ago.

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