Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Best Two Years

In one of Kevin's recent emails (he's in Brazil on a Mormon mission) his response to my telling him about our wonderful vacation this summer was to tell me I was "trunking [him] out of [his] mind!"  That's a line out of my favorite Mormon comedy movie, The Best Two Years.
Tonight I made vanilla custard ice cream for the family and we settled in the family room to eat it.  The girls wanted to watch a movie while we ate ice cream, so I told them Yes, if we could watch The Best Two Years. 

My favorite part is when the renegade missionary in the movie teaches a lesson about Heavenly Father's love for us and then says that is why he went on a mission.  Yes, THAT is why he is there.

Such a good movie.  And I'm glad Kevin is serving a mission.  That's why HE is there.

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