Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A big change in my daily view

This morning at 6:54 a truck and trailer rolled up across the street and by 6:56 the workers were cutting down limbs of the large tree across the street.

I have mixed feelings about changing the tree I look at 4-8 hours a day out my window.

Ugly shed in the side yard I never saw
Ugly swamp cooler unit I never saw
Lots of cut, stumpy branch ends now
The light, dancing branches and leaves were a great wind indicator

Now I can see the mountains that I had to glimpse between trees
There are still some leaves at the top so I still have my weather station

It looks better in person that it does in the last picture, but still rather strange with all the bare limbs and the leaves at the top.  I'm not sure if that's the way this kind of tree is usually trimmed or not.  If so, this tree was way, way overgrown in the "before" shot.

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