Monday, August 20, 2012

My jaw dropped

I've mentioned quite a few times that I like to use coupons to cut my grocery costs.  The couponing sites I go to are scrupuously honest in advising the readers on the best and proper way to use coupons.
But!  Today I followed an advertising link to a site with some coupons, along with some "helpful" couponing tips such as this:
Extreme Couponing Tip #1
One episode of Extreme Couponing shows us that a person using the coupons for a certain size of item for the same product and brand but of different size. The featured couponer shows us that in order to really save on the stuff we buy on the grocery, just try to trick the grocery computer.
You see, the grocery computer will never read the letter and words written on the coupons, as the person in Extreme Couponing shows it, computers read only the codes printed on them. So although the coupon is for a bigger size for a particular brand, when the computer scan your coupon, as what happened in the Extreme Couponing show, the computer will only read the discount. So if your coupon is 50% for a 1 Liter of an item and if you use it for a 500ml of the same brand, the computer will never be able to tell the difference.
Ummm . . . that is coupon fraud and I would NEVER recommend anyone do that!  I am super careful to carefully read the coupon and follow the requirements to a "T."  Really--if I'm going to steal it's certainly not going to be 20 cents on a box of cereal.

And no, I'm not going to link the site here. ;-)  I probably downloaded a hundred viruses by clicking on that link anyway.

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