Monday, August 27, 2012

My patriotic quilt

In June this year I decided I wanted a patriotic quilt.  Well, actually, I'd decided a couple of years ago I wanted one, but this June I decided to actually make one.
I came across a pattern I liked and thought I could make, but I didn't like the stars, so I left them off..
 While I was piecing the top, my constant worry was--how am I going to quilt this?  Tying it was out of the question because I don't like that look for any but the most casual quilt.
One day I was searching online for professional quilting services and eBay popped up.  I found a quilter I was comfortable with (in South Jordan, Utah, what's not to like?), bid on her auction, then sent it off to her.
Because I had nixed the appliqued stars, I decided to go with a star design in the quilting. 
I chose a simple red for the binding because the rest of the quilt was so busy.

Isn't it luscious after washing and drying?
I can't wait for it to get cooler so I can really use it a lot!

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