Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Two stories

Today the Modest Mom posted a thoughtful essay:

She woke up early and was eager to get her errands done for the day. It was a hot summer day, and she pulled her hair back in a clip and headed off to the store. Grabbing her cart and list in hand she started putting the produce in her cart. As she glanced up she noticed two teenage girls looking at her and giggling. Oh well. Girls do that. The next aisle over an older man looking at the bread looked up in amazement at her, and then a look of dismay came on his face. He quickly looked away.
She couldn’t figure out what was wrong! Maybe she had mismatched socks on or something. No, she glanced down at her feet and remembered she had sandals on. Arriving at the end of the aisle she met the store manager. He looked upset and was headed her way! She frantically wondered if she had parked in a handicap spot or something. When he approached her, he was quite adamant as he declared,
“Excuse me Ma’am, we are going to need to ask you to leave.”
“What?” She exclaimed. “What on earth is wrong?”
He cleared his throat and looked uncomfortable.
“Ma’am, we require people to be dressed in this store. All you have on is your bra and underwear.”
In dismay and horror she glanced down, and sure enough, he was right. All she had on was her white lacy bra, and her matching white Hanes Her Way brand underwear. She let out a shriek, grabbed her purse and ran to her car. She was so mortified! How could she have been in such a hurry that she forgot to put on her little sundress over her underclothes?
In a grocery store a few miles up the road, a 19 year old college student was excited that she had a free day off college. Her friends had all planned to meet at the beach for a fun day of swimming and laying out. She loved to bring snacks to such gatherings, so she ran in the store first to pick up some cookies and bottled water to bring along.

This young lady was beautiful, and while she tried to ignore the admiring looks she got (mostly from young men), she knew in her heart that she was attracting attention – and she liked it. She went to pay for her food, and was pleased to see it was the manager of the store. He was a good friend of her dad’s, so they chatted pleasantly for a few minutes. She hopped in her car and before she drove away she glanced at her swimming suit.

“This is my favorite swimsuit!” she thought to herself. “The yellow and white polka dots on this bikini are so vintage and cute. The girls are just going to love it when they see it!”

Two different women, two different stories (fictional). But are they really so different?

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