Saturday, July 13, 2013

One of my dreams has come true

Some of my readers know Bill and I live quite a long way from the rest of our families.  I have a brother in Los Angeles and another in Miami.  All of Bill's family lives in Idaho.  From where we live, those are an eight hour to a four day trip away from here.  Truthfully, in addition to the summer heat, those are the only things we don't like about living in our city.

But!  Almost a year ago those thing started to change.  First Bill's niece Carolyn came to live in our city.  The next thing we knew, my son David and his wife came to live here.  We see Carolyn every week or two, and David and/or Alicia several times a week.

Today was kind of an ordinary visit.  Bill invited David and Alicia to go to a morning car show with him, then they came back here for breakfast, then went home and on with their day.
[picture of David and Alicia that I think is on the hard drive of my camera because the card slot is empty but the battery for my camera is being charged and I can't access it right now]

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