Monday, July 29, 2013


My neighbor brought me the last of the figs from her fig bush this morning.  She'd brought some over a couple of days before and they were divinely delicious.
I didn't know if  I could eat all the ones she brought so I decided to make jam out of them.  I had three envelopes of Ball Pectin for low- or no-sugar jam in my pantry and wanted to try them out.  Everything went well, but I don't love the jam.  It turned out to have a consistency more like applesauce than jam and I think that was because I used about 1/4 the amount of sugar I would have typically used.  It's not bad, but I'll make full-sugar jam next time. 

I got 6 half-pints in my new canning jars.  Aren't they a great size?  They have a wide mouth so they are super convenient for spooning jam out.  I didn't really need any more jars, but I saw them in the store . . . .

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