Monday, March 4, 2013

When is the last time you did this kind of math homework?

If I missed one, pipe up and let me know! 
The girls are reviewing for a big test coming up and I had to refresh my memory as well. ;-)

0-4  >  The target number one previous stays the same.
5-9  ^  The target number one previous goes up by one.

Be sure to check which number is the target number.  Underline it.  Then look at the next number to the right to tell if your target number will stay the same or go up one.  Once you know that, copy the numbers from the largest (left side) to your target, write the target number or one greater, depending on the next number, then follow your target with a zero for each number to the right of the target.

Round to the nearest million:
412,579,539 = 413,000,000

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