Friday, March 8, 2013

Tiny little organizing job

I love coupons.  I love to match coupons with sales and get rock-bottom prices.  I *don't* love the organization of my coupon inserts.  Here they are stacked in among my books on the office bookcase.  I stack them by the quarter with dates written on the front so I can easily access them.  Easy to use, but hard on the eyes.
My $1 Target find.  A magazine holder made of sturdy cardboard.
Here are the previous two quarters of coupon inserts.  Ignore that dust, okay?  Doesn't that look a lot better?  They are still nearby, but look so much better.
Here is my current quarter.  I decided to leave them facing out because I get into them frequently.  Or maybe I'll just learn to pull them in and out and put them pretty side out anyway.
Progress is progress!

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