Friday, March 29, 2013

Highly annoyed with the orthodontist

See this picture outside our new favorite Mexican bakery?
Guess how long after we passed through the border it was taken?  It was about 15 minutes later, and it takes about 10-12 to walk to the orthodontist's office.  Yes, we arrived for our appointment and found the office closed.  A man selling juice came over and told me they were closed all week for the Easter holiday.

Reconcile that with this, if you can:
And here is the line at the border after we'd waited about 15 minutes.  It goes about another 40 feet farther than you can see after the line turns left.
It took 45 minutes to pass through the border.

The good part was we did go to the bakery and buy some delicious Mexican pastries in the orthdontist town and on the way back into our city we stopped at a grocery store that caters to Mexican-Americans.  The produce prices are very cheap and they have some Mexican products I like to buy.  It's totally on the other side of town near the freeway though, so I usually go there only when I'm coming back from the orthodontist and am not in a hurry.

I'm preparing a letter for the orthodontic office requesting remuneration for their missed visit.

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