Monday, March 18, 2013

Early back-to-school

The first week of school always involves a LOT of paperwork because I have three children for whom I fill out school forms.  I don't really mind, because I have wanted to be a mother to school children for a long time.  However, there is a bit of hand-cramping involved.

The older girls are moving on to the middle school next year and the elementary school is getting them ready.  They had a visit from the middle school principal today, telling them all the exciting activities they can expect next year (I already have a request to play on the school soccer team next year).
Hallelujiah, the school is letting the parents get a jump on all the paperwork as well.  Registration, emergency cards (hi, Amber!), medical forms, and more.  DONE.  The beginning of next school year should see me filling out just Sophia's forms.  :-)


  1. Hi There!

    I put you down as a reference also. I just assumed it was ok with you :)