Saturday, March 9, 2013

Festival of Books

Today was the annual Festival of Books.  We always head for the children's section as soon as we get there and look what we found:
The girls could read to a dog.  Isn't that sweet?  Sophia chose a book immediately and got started.
Caroline read a book to the brown dog.  Notice everyone is wearing a jacket or hoodie?  Usually we get a sunburn at this event, but today's weather was quite cool and it sprinkled off and on.  Elizabeth didn't actually need to have her hood up, but I'm sure it felt cozy.

We stopped by to see the Chik Fil A cow.  We love eating at Chick Fil A although it's a ways away and we don't make it there often.

We were generally headed toward the car when I saw the science section that we had skipped on our way to the children's section.  Last year was the first year for that, I think, and we really liked it.  This year was the same.  We got to see a real human brain and even touch it through some plastic wrap.  We saw ice cream made with liquid nitrogen.  We learned about weather.  We mixed up some hand sanitizer gel.  The guy said it was 5 cents of materials--that's all!
Last of all we stopped by the rock and mineral museum on campus.  My girls played with the interactive displays while I looked at the stunning rocks and minerals on display.  Last of all, Caroline scaled the climbing wall.

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