Saturday, March 16, 2013

One of my favorite annual trips

. . . is to the LDS temple in Mesa, Arizona with the stake Relief Society ladies.
taken from the door of the bus as we were leaving
Once a year our stake (a group of 7 wards (congregations)) charters a couple of buses and all the women are invited to come to the temple.  There are usually about 90 women, which means only a few take advantage of the event, but it is a wonderful one.
Women can go inside the temple to perform sacred ordinances or they can go to the visitors' center and watch movies, look at displays, and enjoy the beautiful temple grounds.
I sat next to a good friend who will be in a new ward starting tomorrow (geographical boundary changes) and we chatted most of the 2 hours there and back.  We nibbled on the bag breakfast that was provided and watched a movie on the bus. 
Excellent day.

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