Friday, December 14, 2012

Small Christmas Decorations I

Over the years I have collected a number of small Christmas decorations.  Lots of them are have quilting, stitching, and other handwork on them and I'm going to show those ones to you today.

This is a small quilt I bought at a Christmas craft fair in Gallup, New Mexico.  It's about 3'x3' and very lightly quilted, so it's only for decoration:
This was given to me by a Visiting Teacher a number of years ago (I think).  It's commercially made.
Santa was made by my friend Leigh.  Isn't he cute?  She did the stitching by hand.  It's somewhere every year.
The wreath usually hangs on a wall, but this year it is on the table in our entryway and holds a small lamp.  My mom made this about 20 or 25 years ago in Homemaking Meeting at Church.
The nutcracker was made by Lynda with whom I was friends in Germany twenty years ago.  She made a lot of cute things to sell in a base craft fair and I really wanted a nutcracker, but couldn't justify spending the money at the time.  She surprised me at Christmas with one of the ones she hadn't sold.  It's been on a wall every Christmas since.
This one of the first things Leigh ever sent me.  She stitched it all by hand.  Even though it is Christmas-y, it has almost always been on my daughters' bedroom wall year 'round.  I have another angel of a different style she sent me when my twins were born, but it is kept separately.

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