Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Fridge: Take II

The icemaker on our new fridge never did work, despite three visits from the repairman, so Sears is going to swap it for another one.  They told me they would work with me on the price if I found a more expensive one I liked, but in the end they had the same model as the one we are returning, but . . .
. . . it's BLACK!  I made a quick call to Bill and we decided that although we would prefer a white one, if we ever redo our kitchen, we'd be more likely to go the stainless direction and black would go with that better than white, so getting a black one is all right.
We're in love with the GIANT capacity of the fridge (did I mention I can put 9 gallons of milk on ONE shelf??) so I'm glad I was able to find the same model.

Oh, and the new one is cheaper than the old one, so I got a refund of about $75. :-D

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