Saturday, December 8, 2012

My cute husband

Isn't he a cutie?  When my husband was a little boy his family lived in Pakistan and this picture was in a yearbook we found online.

Can you imagine being my mother-in-law, a small-town girl from Idaho busy having children and raising them, then her husband gets a job in Pakistan?  In about 1963 they moved with their four children to Lahore, Pakistan.  Another child was born while they were there as well.  They had a little compound with a maid and a gardener/driver/babysitter.  They were husband and wife and my husband adored the husband in particular.  Life was made a lot easier with that domestic help, because it wasn't nuthin' like Idaho there!

And interesting note--probably because of the domestic help, my husband was fluent in Urdu when he was in lower elementary school, and in fact, one time they were traveling and he and his two older brothers went down for breakfast before their parents got up.  When his parents got to the dining room, they found my husband ordering the staff around in Urdu!  Alas, today he can count to ten in Urdu, but that is about it, kind of a Flowers For Algernon effect. 

All of the older boys in his family have fond memories of living overseas at a young age.

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