Monday, December 10, 2012

Almost like trying on a bathing suit

Yes, trying on jeans, even the ones that are supposed to fit and flatter and slim every woman.[ahem...baloney...cough]

Dear Niece got a nice pair of Gloria Vanderbilt jeans at Costco and I liked them, so I went looking for some today.  In addition I needed to buy a pair for someone whose name was on the "Angel Tree" at church, same size as mine, so pretty easy.  Oh yeah, except all the jeans like dn's were sold out and all Costco had were big woman sizes and colored jeans.  Won't work for me this time.

My next stop was Walmart because I wanted to try on some Lee jeans that are advertised to flatter.  One pair was far from flattering, and in fact highlighted all my worst flaws.  Another pair the same size from Levi's I was barely able to get up my legs and the thought of zipping them was laughable.  Gotta love women's sizing in the USA.

I went back to the display again and found a pair of Lee Classic jeans.  I had thoughts of Mom Jeans, but the waist wasn't THAT high and the legs weren't tapered. ;-)  They gave me a good-enough fit, so I bought them.  Since the Angel Tree recipient is 15 years old, I got the first pair that didn't flatter me, because the cut was a more youthful cut and I figured she'd rather have that style.  Plus I don't know who she is and so I don't know what her figure shape is.

So two stores and three try-ons and I have a new pair of jeans.  It will probably be at least two years before I have to do that again.

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