Thursday, February 21, 2013

What do you do when the kids spend the night at a friends?

You go to out to dinner, of course!
Our needs are simple, so Sweet Tomatoes is was.  I like the Won Ton Happiness salad and always have some of that, although it didn't have much dressing on it and didn't bring the "Happiness" it usually brings me.  However, they did have broccoli cheese soup, which I adore, and I also had small bowls of split pea with ham and classic minestrone as well.  The key here was "small bowls."  I had several pieces of the four cheese bread (YUM), then two servings of apple crisp with frozen yogurt on it.  Since I had two servings, obviously it was good.  I realized with the second bowl that I should put caramel sauce on the ice cream and noticed the little sign said it was now house-made.  It tasted like and had the same texture as my homemade caramel sauce.  Really good.

We had David and my mom along and it was a very pleasant adult evening out.

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