Friday, February 8, 2013

An organized desk drawer!

I spend hours a day at my desk thanks to my two online jobs and my main drawer has been a terrible mess for awhile  ever.  I subscribe to a terrific organizing blog and this article about making drawer dividers came across my email a couple of weeks ago.

Just imagine all these things plus a few more piled into this drawer in very loose categories, things shifting on a daily basis.  That's the "before" picture I forgot to take.

I went with a patriotic color theme and need to get a few more pieces of paper to finish covering all the boxes.  I didn't let that stop me though!

Here are ONE of each kind of electrical connector, a box with a small mirror and a couple of keys, paper clips and a box of little cutting blades, and a box with all my important business cards.
 Here are my "comfort items" I use to keep my mind alert while I listen to sound files for one of my jobs.
 Brand new pens and pencils in the upper box and my extra on-duty pens and pencils in the lower one.
 Postage stamps and recycled envelopes for making shopping lists are on the left, with an open area for sheets of paper that have phone lists on them.

Extra comfort items in the back, sticky notes, and miscellany on the left
 Tiny things like paper clips, brads, and extra Skull Candy earphone tips.  Theirs are the best. 
 My favorite pencil for writing about my students' work, my scissors and ruler for collecting coupons.
Doesn't it look tidy now?
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