Saturday, February 16, 2013

Pressure cooker

This is one of the many pictures Kevin sent me recently.  I'm guessing this is the chapel of their church building.  Other than seeing Kevin, what interested me was the purple box in the picture.
My former sister-in-law had a pressure cooker just like that one and when I complimented her on it, she told me she could get me one when she went to Brazil the next time, and she did.  It was a real favorite of mine because it was much easier to use than American ones.  Eventually the seal failed and I had no way of replacing the seal, so I finally threw the whole thing out.  I hated to do that!

Now I'm trying to think how I could get one back with me if I go to Brazil this year . . . .


  1. What's different about it's workings than, say, a Mirro or Presto version?


  2. The lid is slightly oval, so you turn it 90 degrees to put it through the elongated hole in the top of the cooker (the top edge comes in slightly, so there is a wide lip) then turn it 90 degrees back again so everything lines up, then you squeeze the handle and flip a loop over the handle to put pressure there like a lever that also tightens the lid and its gasket up against the main body of the top. There are no weights, so you kind of have to pay attention to how much steam is coming out of the hole, etc. It's probably not as versatile as the kind we have in the US, but it is much easier to use and much lighter.