Thursday, January 3, 2013

Surprise hike!

About a year ago I attended a Homemaking Meeting in which the speakers told about interesting places to go in our city both as a family and as a couple.  One of the speakers said a good activity was to see what was at the end of Speedway Boulevard.  She wouldn't say what was there, just winked and said go find out.

I needed to get the girls out of the house so the housekeepers could do a quick and efficient job, so I decided today was the day to find out what is at the end of Speedway.  I hoped it wouldn't be a dead end in a residential neighborhood, waiting for the housing market to improve so they could extend the street and put in more houses.

I was spared that one as it turned out Speedway ends at a private ranch (ignored that) and a public trailhead.  I hardly dared hope we would find a new (free) place to hike, but we did.

It was a little breezy and cool, but we had three jackets/sweaters with us and three bottles of water, so we had plenty.

This saguaro has three nice new arms on it.  Scientists don't know what triggers arm formation, but saguaros usually are about 50-60 years old before they start growing them.

I teased Elizabeth that this area was the home of native American Indians in the distant past and she might be running along the trails in the same sort of shoe they wore.  In fact, her shoes *are* Indian.  Yes, the kit Bill made them from was made in India.  LOL

It was a really fun morning and all of us are planning to take Bill there one of these Saturdays soon.

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