Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Another successful trip to Mexico

I always get a little nervous before I take Caroline to her orthodontist in Mexico.  I worry about having all our papers in order (birth certificate, passport), I worry about not getting the information I need from the doctor's office, I worry about Mexican border violence, although this particular city doesn't seem to be affected by the violence we hear about, I worry there will be a really long line at the border or at the freeway checkpoint, I worry I won't get her back to school on time, and of course I always worry about our general safety as we drive there and back.
As you can see, the freeway checkpoint was not a problem for us today. As we rolled up to the Border Patrol agent I got the bright idea to roll down all my car windows so he could easily see inside my car. The windows are quite dark against the Arizona sun and it can be a bit hard to see in. The drug/money/illegal alien-sniffing dog ignored my car I actually didn't even have to stop.
It was another flawless trip.!

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