Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Pantry Challenge

Tonight's dinner came from our pantry and evolved as the day went on.  My menu said beans and rice.  I had kidney beans in a bag in the cupboard, so I used those instead of the intended pintos.

Red beans looked like chili, so I pulled out a can of tomatoes, a jar of homemade tomato sauce, a fresh onion and bell pepper, and a few seasonings and made a nice vegetarian chili, then topped it with sour cream and sharp cheddar.
To go with that I made some cornbread with a bit of whole wheat in there, and drizzled it with honey.
Everyone liked it very well and it moved a bag of beans out of my pantry, as well as tomatoes I'd had for a year or so.  In addition we finished the carton of sour cream and got it out of the fridge.

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