Thursday, January 31, 2013

One of the ways I make myself happy

Liking or not liking where you live came up on an email list this morning.  Here is what I wrote:

Although I think some areas are a lot prettier than others, I figure I have to live where Bill's job is because he earns the vast majority of our income. Whether I initially like the place we live or not, I'm going to be there, so I find the positives about living in the area. Either that or be miserable, and I decided about 16 years ago I was going to be happy.

So Tucson?

I love the Mesquites, palms, citrus and the fact they are green all year 'round.
Saguaros are just such interesting, majestic things.
My favorite desert plant is the Ocotillo, which I never knew anything about before moving here.
I like having a classic "Arizona ranch" house because I've never seen them anywhere else I've lived.
I love the late fall, winter, and early spring because the weather is fantastic and I love never having to shovel snow.
I love that friends like to visit during those seasons and thus we get to see old friends (especially the one from Alberta, LOL).
I like living in a city of a million (including the surrounding area) because it means I can get nearly anything I need somewhere in the city.
I like living in a city with a big university (University of Arizona) because it brings lots of really smart people to the scientific and advanced programs, plus free student recitals, etc, Bill and I can take advantage of.
I like living in a huge ward where lots is happening.
I like having parks all over and outside the city.
I love having an airport only about 12 miles away right here in the city.
I like having a big Air Force base here because I like to see the jets flying over and to know we are important to our country's defense.
I like knowing we'll have a temple here, so close and convenient in just a few years.
I like having almost a surplus of excellent medical care available in the city.
I love Bill's good job.

See? There is so much I really like about living here. Did I "forget" to mention a few things? Of course. But I focus on the good stuff. Makes me happier that way.
[These are the girls at one of our favorite places to go in Tucson--the zoo.]

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