Friday, January 4, 2013

Friday night date

Bill's and my friend is an Edward Jones agent (investments) and took a booth at the Home Show in our town.  Along with the booth came a handful of admission tickets for his friends, including us. :-)

It has probably been a couple of decades since I've been to a home show and I was surprised at how aggressive the people in the booths were.  Either I'd forgotten or things have changed.  Or maybe the last time I went to one I was a teenager and obviously didn't have a home or money of my own anyway!

At the far end of the hall were Bill's and my favorite booths (other than the good chat we had with our friend).  I caught the end of a cooking competition when the chefs were describing their dishes.

Bill was especially interested in about a dozen classic cars on display.  The cars were really beautiful and I took a quick look at them after I watched the cooking.

After that we went to the Olive Garden for dinner.  Well, except for the 1 hour and 45 minute wait, that is.  We weren't interested enough to wait that long so we took ourselves to Golden Corral.  Kind of down-market, but it sure was tasty.

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