Saturday, January 12, 2013

Pantry Challenge Week 2

I had two shopping trips this week.
5 lb. carrots
brown rice
lime yogurt
Mexican-style cheese
wonton wrappers

All the missing ingredients to make next week's dinners--Fry's $11.

Wow--I couldn't resist a good deal at Safeway this week!

6 DiGiorno pizzas (only about $2.50 each)
sour cream
4 bagels in the brown bag
5 lb flour
4 gallons of milk

Safeway $27

In addition, when I was making up my shopping list so I'd have everything for next week's dinners, I realized I could easily make the three dinners this afternoon and freeze them for super easy dinners next week.  All the dinners are done now (except Friday pizza and I can do that too, if I feel like it) and in the freezer.

Check for the menu and recipes tomorrow.

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