Sunday, June 30, 2013

We had a wedding at our house!

One of Bill's employees had been living with his girlfriend for years, but came to realize that is not Heavenly Father's plan for families and decided they needed to marry.  In fact, they were both really happy with the idea.  But . . . translating it into reality was hard. 
Two weeks ago Bill offered to host the wedding at our house and help the groom make the necessary arrangements.  The groom jumped at the offer!

It was not difficult at all, because they weren't trying to have the "wedding of the century," just get married.
Bill arranged for the bishop of the geographical ward where the couple lives to come perform the wedding.  It turned out that he was just called to be a bishop last Sunday and he is only 29 years old!  This was his first wedding and he did a very nice job. 

There were about ten guests, plus our family.  I bought one of those big chocolate cakes with chocolate shavings all over the outside from Costco, and Caroline made several pitchers of delicious lemonade.  After the wedding the couple cut the cake and then we all ate and chatted.

Later in the day the adults went out for dinner and that was their June wedding day.  Just perfect and they are married!

Oh, I love the first picture because the bride looks just delighted to be getting married.  She was looking right at the groom her as her sister walked her in.  In the second picture you can see the groom's 16 year old son.  What a nice young man.

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