Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Greeting a Mormon missionary at the airport

The son of one of my friends came home from his mission today.  James was preaching the gospel in California for two years and today his mission was officially finished.  He's a nice boy and my girls and I were happy to join his family and friends at the airport when he arrived.
{James isn't actually one of these missionaries.  I forgot my camera today.}
Greeting James at the airport was a milestone for *me* too.  Kevin received his mission call about the same time James did, although Kevin left several months later due to his needing a visa to travel to Brazil.  Now that James is home, Kevin is the *very next* missionary in our ward (congregation) to come home.  I can't exactly say two years has flown by, but I'm a bit shocked to realize he's more than 20 months into his mission and will be home the first week of autumn.  Well, autumn in the northern hemisphere. :-)

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