Tuesday, June 4, 2013

New old things

Did you remember these little footies from when you were a child?  I guess I should clarify, "If you were a child in the 1950s or 1960s?"  I remember my mom wore them all the time.  She called them "sockies."

Now that bare legs are in fashion, low socks or foot liners are in fashion again.  Here is the display at Walmart today:
The ones right in the middle that look like bikini bottoms are ones you can wear if you're wearing open-toed shoes.  They think of everything, don't they?  I bought some fairly straightforward cotton ones with a little padding at the ball of the foot.  They are the proper size for my feet instead of the hand-me-down ones I've been wearing for awhile that threaten to cut off the circulation in my heels. :-)

These two little girls love to play a game in just about any store.  It's called, "Hide from Mom, but make sure we're not very far away from her."
I know, I'm a lucky girl.

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